Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud $0.99 Sale!

For a short while, Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud, winner of the Literary Classics Award for Best First Novel, will be on sale across all online retailers for $0.99 (USD). That’s a savings of 82% off it’s cover price of $5.50. Scroll down for links to the most popular eBook retailers.

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Literary Classics Best First Novel

Literary Classics Best First Novel


As the only son to King Kendrick, Owen despises the idea of being king one day. Magician may be the only career he’d like less. He has dreaded the days leading up to his fifteenth birthday, when his father will certainly declare Owen heir to the throne. But at the birthday celebration, his father falls ill. The only person in the kingdom that may be able to save him is a magician–the very same magician Owen holds responsible for the death of his mother.

Owen and his companions will have to travel the continent of Wittatun in search of the cure for King Kendrick. On the journey, they will battle strange beasts and harsh climates, befriend extraordinary magicians, and meet a dragon before returning to Innes Castle–where much has happened in the days since he departed.
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About the Author:

Eric Price lives with his wife and two sons in northwest Iowa. He began publishing in 2008 when he started writing a quarterly column for a local newspaper. Later that same year he published his first work of fiction, a spooky children’s story called Ghost Bed and Ghoul Breakfast. Since then, he has written stories for children, young adults, and adults. Three of his science fiction stories have won honorable mention from the CrossTime Annual Science Fiction Contest. His first YA fantasy novel, Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud, received the Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval and the Literary Classics Award for Best First Novel.


Why Amazon Reviews Aren’t As Meaningful As We’d Like to Think

I thought Joseph hit it right on, so I’m going to give reblogging a try.

Official Blog of Author Joseph Mulak

As authors, we love to get reviews of our work on Amazon. I know I do. I got a great 5-star review of Flushed just this morning an it made my day. Not to mention, my publisher keeps pushing me to get as many reviews as I can because they help with sales. I don’t doubt this. In fact, this is where I have a problem.

Now, this incident happened a week or two ago, but I decided to wait until I calmed down a bit before I wrote about it. I was really ticked off.

A writer friend of mine, Julie Northup contacted me about another author. Julie had shared a promo for my book, Burnt Ashes (my last ever horror book, by the way) and this other author thought Julie had written the book. So, Julie told me I should contact as this author as she wants to…

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