Chapter Three by Group 1

Today the real fun begins with this project! The first group from Nantes, France to rewrite the third chapter of Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud gets their work shared.  I’ve altered the line spacing to make them easier to read on WordPress, otherwise they are exactly as the students wrote them. I’ve copied the files from Adobe to Word to WordPress, so I hope I got the formatting as the authors intended. I take full responsibility for any errors in that regard, and I hope you’ll choose your favorite(s) based on content, not formatting. Please keep track of the ones you like the best. Voting begins September 18!

If you’ve stumbled upon this and have no idea what’s going on, get the details here:

Intro to the project and Chapter One
Chapter Two


Group 1 Chapter Three

Owen could feel the growing rage filling each fiber of his body. His father was on the verge of dying and he could not do anything to save him. “All right…” Owen replied bluntly.

The smile on Cedric’s face kept growing by the second as he saw the young prince accept his proposition. Not a proposition but rather the only option to save his father. “Very well, young man! There are some rules to magic,” Cedric said as he motioned Owen to follow him outside the room where his beloved father lay.

“Where are we going?” Owen asked but the reply was moot. He knew where they were going. Being a kid, he hated that place. He looked at Cedric, and he understood quickly that he was entering the mystical lair after numerous years. The look of disgust on his face showed every bit of how he was feeling inside.

Cedric turned around to look at the young prince, and kept both his hands on his shoulders, looking down to meet his eyes. Owen was looking up at him, meeting his fixed stare. Cedric could see the slowly forming tears in the corners of his eyes. Owen let out a soft breath and looked down, shaking his head. “We’re going to save your father. Optimism is key.”

These were the only words of motivation Owen got throughout the whole incident. And for once, during the very tough hours, he could see a ray of hope. Owen just nodded, pursing his lips. Another small smile tried to escape the wizard’s face, as he gave Owen a curt nod, and turned back to the lair. The hopeful magician mumbled some words with his eyes closed, in front of the majestic vine-branches on the old door. After finishing his little chant, fumes came out of the bottom of the door, and opened the door with creaking slow sounds in the background. The young prince’s eyes were fixed on the fantastic sight. And that, surprisingly, amazed him. He blinked a few times, before realizing that his fascination was not possible to be felt. He forced a roll of his eyes as the doors opened, and the wizard turned to look at him, smiling.

“After you…”

Owen bit his bottom lip in thought. Was it really what he was going to attempt? Magic? All the tricks and spells he had made fun of during all those years, he found himself in the captivation of this force which was so big he could not resist it. Very carefully, and with a lot of thoughts going through his brain, he put his step forward, and entered the world. The world of Magic. Cedric followed his lead, and walked inside as the doors shut closed with a loud bang, making Owen turn back in fright with his hands on the grip of his sword. His heart started beating faster but then slowed down after seeing that his immediate shock was in vain.

Cedric let out a quick chuckle, shaking his head before lowering his shoulders. “Your dagger would not be of use against magic. If you bring a sword, the mystical world will bring an army in the matter of a few seconds. If you do not believe in magic, you would never find it. I think it’s time that you considered our world as your friend, not your foe. It would only benefit you, and the well-being of your father.”

These words hit Owen deeply. He hated the fact that the wizard was right. He knew it would be difficult for him to just leave his trauma behind, and embrace the spell-casting environment. But this time, this very time, he was ready.


Come back for the rest of the adventure! (All links go live at midnight Central Standard Time on the date in parentheses.)

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Let the voting begin! (September 18)

Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud: Chapter Three (September 20)

Voting Closes and Winners Announced! (September 25)



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