Chapter Three by Group 4

Welcome back! Today we continue with the student versions of Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud Chapter Three.

I’ve altered the line spacing to make them easier to read on WordPress, otherwise they are exactly as the students wrote them. I’ve copied the files from Adobe to Word to WordPress, so I hope I got the formatting as the authors intended. I take full responsibility for any errors in that regard, and I hope you’ll choose your favorite(s) based on content, not formatting. Please keep track of the ones you like the best. Voting begins September 18!

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Intro and Unveiling the Wizards’ Shroud: Chapter One:
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Student Versions of Chapter Three

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3


Group 4 Chapter Three

Danger Rests where it is least expected

It was a dark, cold evening as they embarked on their journey to the Land of Fire. The atmosphere was tense. The dark forest that surrounded the path didn’t help to soothe the stressed riders nor their horses. It had been decided that Cedric and Owen would be accompanied by only their most trusted soldier, Richard.

Owen was thankful for not being alone with Cedric though he barely knew Richard. His feelings were mixed, not knowing whether to trust him or not. He also knew that for his father’s sake he didn’t really have a choice. But nevertheless he would remain cautious.

A sudden noise from the rear of the group sent a rush of terror and surprise through the party. A horse cried out. They jumped in surprise and looked at what might be attacking them.

A few minutes later, the rider passed them so fast that Owen’s horse and the stranger’s nearly collided. The stranger seemed to be surprised but not as much as could have been expected. He was out of breath.

It took a few moments for Owen to recognize the diminutive figure. He approached his lantern to be sure. He was right. It was Weylin!

“What in heaven’s sake are you doing here?” asked Owen, utterly astonished. Though he was happy to see him, Cedric didn’t seem so pleased…

“It was not wise to come”, Cedric stated. Weylin sent a nasty glance in his direction though no one could be sure he saw it as it was getting extremely dark. Owen only loved Weylin more for it. He was relieved to think that he wouldn’t have to deal alone with two people he barely knew. Everything seemed ideal for this adventure and Owen was finally hopeful he could save his father.

Cedric declared that they would stop at the next city. It was too risky to ride in the dark on these uneven paths and there was no time for injuries. They continued on in a peaceful silence as if the presence of this new person had calmed all their nerves. The journey to the next city only took a couple of hours. Having then settled, all four travelers went off to sleep to prepare for the long journey ahead.

As he was starting to drift off, he had an abrupt shiver as if his instinct were warning him. He did not take any notice of it.

He awoke abruptly in the middle of the night, a cold blade pressed to his throat. A shudder slowly crept from his neck to his spine. He dared not move because of the blade.

Once he got over the stupor, he wondered indeed if the aggressor had wanted to kill him. If so, he would have already. But why was he waiting? He was risking a fight with Owen who, in this particular situation, had nothing to lose. By waiting, the aggressor had made his target only much more dangerous. Owen could feel his aggressor’s heavy breath on his face. He was definitely hesitating…

Owen tried to see the features of his aggressor. There was very little light in the room. The hostel had very few windows and it was pitch dark. He already knew from the pressure on his torso, that it was not a very strong or heavy individual. All Owen had to do was to wait for the right moment, to catch the individual off guard.

The heavy breath was interrupted and replaced by a doubtful voice, “You can’t save your father. No one can. It is only a matter of time. All your efforts are and will be useless.” A deep breath and he continued chanting: “You will be nothing once he has left. No kingdom, no power, nothing. No one will bear you proud, vain, selfish prince. Everyone will turn their back on you.” The voice was harsh and full of utter hatred.

The next moment, light was everywhere in the room and the aggressor had been thrown down to the floor. Owen sat up and acknowledged what was happening. Cedric was the light which had come to save him. Weylin was on the floor in a dark corner of the room wiping with the back of his hand his bloody mouth. Then there was Richard at the door with an incredulous look on his face. Owen had been wrong from the start. If Owen was to be king some day he had a lot to learn. Things aren’t always what they seem but most importantly he had to understand the true meaning of the saying: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


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