Why Amazon Reviews Aren’t As Meaningful As We’d Like to Think

I thought Joseph hit it right on, so I’m going to give reblogging a try.

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As authors, we love to get reviews of our work on Amazon. I know I do. I got a great 5-star review of Flushed just this morning an it made my day. Not to mention, my publisher keeps pushing me to get as many reviews as I can because they help with sales. I don’t doubt this. In fact, this is where I have a problem.

Now, this incident happened a week or two ago, but I decided to wait until I calmed down a bit before I wrote about it. I was really ticked off.

A writer friend of mine, Julie Northup contacted me about another author. Julie had shared a promo for my book, Burnt Ashes (my last ever horror book, by the way) and this other author thought Julie had written the book. So, Julie told me I should contact as this author as she wants to…

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